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Company History

Cooper and Turner was registered on 22 February 1978 after the formation of a partnership with Peter Cooper and Colin Turner.

At the time Peter Cooper was the owner of Thomas Frame & Co., the largest privately owned folding carton company in the country. Peter sourced materials and machinery for his company and via a film supplier, Transparent Paper Limited was introduced to Colin Turner. Since Peter’s death in early 1998, the company has changed hands several times mainly via acquisition to now be a part of Colorpak.

Colin Turner worked for 18 years with Chas-Steel and Co. becoming Plant Engineer at Brunswick and eventually moving to Sydney to build and set-up the Containers Flexibles factory at Chatswood. That factory has since closed and was moved to Regents Park. Colin was NSW Manager Technical Services for flexibles and fibre can of Containers Packaging (known now as Amcor) and poached by Leightons Contractors after several projects. Colin left Leighton’s after five years to form his own company selling materials and machinery for packaging.

In 1981 Cooper and Turner were commissioned by the Reserve Bank to take the polymer banknote concept developed by the CSIRO and turn it into a viable manufacturing operation. This facility is better known as Securency today.

In 1995 Colin Turner bought out Peter Cooper’s share of the company and soon after registered the name Converting Technology. Finding the company was built on reputation with Cooper and Turner proving to be an established industry name, the decision was made to keep the original name.

In 1989 Colin’s oldest son, Martin left merchant banking and joined the company. In 1991 Martin was approached to distribute Aluminium foil for VAW, Germany and a new materials distribution company, Rolled Products Pty. Ltd. was formed. 

In 1992 Colin’s other son, Andrew joined the company after leaving Xerox laser printing field service.  Andrew took on the role of sales and service for retrofit products specialising in surface treatment systems (corona and flame treatment), press peripherals (inspection and ink control systems) and application systems (glue application and QC systems).

After finding the company's two core market segments of Flexible Packaging and Folding Cartons had a common customer in several label customers, Cooper and Turner expanded into that field and employed a specialist, namely Dave Lewis who was an ex Didde narrow web offset press engineer. At the time Didde owned several other press manufacturers including Webtron and Aquaflex.

In 1995 Dave sold to Lemac the first flexo press (namely an Aquaflex) to print shrink sleeve labels in Australia.

In 2004 Dave and Andrew bought Colin Turners interest to form a partnership based in Melbourne.  This lasted less than a year when Dave was poached by Koenig and Bauer to form KBA in Australia.

Starting in 2004 and finishing in 2009 Andrew worked closely with Amcor Flexibles in restructuring and updating the slitting operations at Preston, Moorabbin and Regents Park. Amcor Flexibles – Preston saw throughput capacity doubled with less than half the machines and manning. The factory went from A$60 million annual turnover to over A$110 million and is now the model for all green field sites worldwide.

Andrew Turner and his wife Jacqui Turner now own and run the business.


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